An invitation to the home of golf

Owners who are permanent residents for more than 6 months per annum in Hamilton Grand are eligible to apply for a links ticket, giving them access to the Old Course and to the other six courses of the links trust for a minimal annual fee.

From Dunbar, North Berwick, Muirfield and Gullane on the south side of the Firth up to the great bridges and back along the north shore, past Burntisland, Leven, Lundin, Elie, Anstruther, Crail and Kingsbarns, through St Andrews to Scotscraig and Carnoustie, the great links land courses are strung like a necklace of pearls about the throat of the Firth of Forth.

All are readily accessible from St Andrews, but in the town itself, the St Andrews Links Trust managed courses offer the tough tests of the Old, New and Jubilee courses as well as the more benign Eden and Strathtyrum, are within walking distance. Then but a few minutes away and contrasting with the links, there is The Duke’s course, one of the UK’s heath land marvels. The magnificent Kingsbarns course, and Castle course, which was recently opened by the St Andrews Links Trust, have also added to the caché of St Andrews but there are more than twenty courses of great antiquity and beauty within a twenty-minute drive of the town. All courses listed, except The Duke's are independently owned and managed.

This is truly the heartland of golf. It is where it began and from where it spread to the rest of the world. But although there may be a sense of timelessness about golf here, the courses have evolved as the game has changed and they present the same challenges to the players of today as they did to Tom Morris, Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus in times past. Every great player in the annals of the game has played here for St Andrews is as much the ‘Mecca of Golf” to the great champions as it is to the mere devotee. No golfing life is complete without the experience of St Andrews.

Duke´s Course, St. AndrewsKingsbarns