Historic St Andrews and its People

With its roots firmly planted in antiquity, time has somehow stood still in St Andrews. Cobbled streets, the ancient tower of St Rule standing in the ghostly ruins of the Cathedral, the Castle with its bottle dungeon and subterranean passages, echo the past – none more so than the crosses set in the streets and pavements to mark where Catholic and Protestants alike were martyred in the fire of their faith. But in many respects the town has assumed modernity with grace.

Unlike many medieval townships, St Andrews has not allowed itself to be burdened by history. Indeed, the town delights in its ancient University and its great heritage, as much as it does in the Regency, Victorian and Edwardian contributions to its architecture. Like the University, the Pubs and Golf Clubs have retained what is best from the past whilst continuing to move ahead with the times.

The overwhelming characteristics of St Andrews is the ease with which ancient and modern have blended to produce a township enjoying a unique way of life. It is said that you do not pass through St Andrews en route to anywhere. But its isolation is what has set it apart and made it a very special destination. There is entertainment aplenty, from the cinema to the characters of the local pubs and golf club are all stars in their own right.

The Town of St AndrewsThe Town of St Andrews